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BIC CTF @ ShmooCon 2024
Participants Rules & Regu


Rule: Tampering with the contest infrastructure (physical & virtual) resulting in intentionally interrupting service or availability will result in immediate disqualification and possible escalation to event leadership.Participants may be disqualified if they violate the hosting event contest rules, engage in fraudulent activity, or submit inappropriate content.

Rule: The contest will START ON FRIDAY 1/12/24 @ 12:00 PM EST and END ON SATURDAY 1/13/24 @ 5:00 PM EST.

Suggestion: While there is no “team member limit” the BIC CTF team strongly suggests that you limit you official team members to 1 - 5 individuals.

Suggestion: THE BIC CTF Team STRONGLY encourages participating teams to bring their “A-game”, Follow the 3-2-1 Rule and Have Fun!


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