BIC_CTF_DC29_LOGO (2).png

The BIC CTF Link is here.


The BIC CTF (Powered by SOCKS) will begin at:

08.06.2021 12:00 PM PDT


and end on:


08.07.2021 6:00 PM PDT

Content Creators and BIC CTF Coordinators:

JR Presmy (@jayrprez)

Leo Pitts (@D00MFist)

Nico Smith [SOCKS] | (@nicolaismith1)

Style of CTF :


Jeopardy-Style Description/Theme of CTF : This CTF is a traditional Jeopardy style challenge set , with a twist on illuminating Black historical figures and contributions. There will be 50+ unique challenges , in Steganography, PCAP Analysis, Crypto and more..

For information about the BIC Village Talks click here: BIC Village.