The BIC Ujima-Ujamaa Partnership (BIC-Partner program) program is named after the Swahili principles of Ujamaa or “Cooperative Economics” and Ujima or “Collective Work and Responsibility”.  


The BIC-Partner program is designed to help foster cooperative works between BIC and our Cybersecurity or STEM communities, initiatives, organizations, and businesses. 


Qualifications for BIC Partners:


The candidate(s) must be involved in or own a Cybersecurity or STEM related community initiative, organization, and/or business that could provide a service for the BIC Community in exchange for access to our exclusive community.

To inquire please email BIC Operations at this email.


Ree The Cyber Boss, LLC. is a BIC-Partner.

ReeTheCyberBoss, LLC offers a variety of services such as workshops, trainings, and consultations. We also like to participate in career days, conferences, and on panels. Please visit our website: to get more information about our services and prices.


NABCRMP (National Association of Black Compliance & Risk Management Professionals, Inc.) is a BIC-Partner.

Founded in 2019, the National Association of Black Compliance & Risk Management Professionals, Inc. is a member-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit association dedicated to the professional development of African-American compliance and risk management professionals. 


Blerds Leading Technology, Inc. is a BIC-Partner.

Blerds Leading Technology, Inc. (BLT) exists to provide an unconventional hub for all minorities in technology that seek to advance their network and enhance their skills. Our mission is to connect talented individuals with unique opportunities for employment, education, and leadership that might not otherwise be afforded to them due to ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.


The International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals is a BIC-Partner.

The International Consortium of Minority Cyber Professionals (ICMCP) was created as a 501(c)3 non-profit association dedicated to the academic and professional success of minority cybersecurity students and professionals.

The ICMCP seeks to aid the BIC community by way of enriching our Career Pipeline, Cybersecurity Career Skill Development and Career Services/University Services. ICMCP also aids in obtaining resources to fund scholarships and other ventures that provide opportunity and enrichment to our members.


Machina Ex Femina is a BIC-Partner.

Machina Ex Femina is a Black owned company and scholarship program with the mission to "expand women's rightful place in tech". Machina Ex Femina seeks to solve educational disparity and bring resources to those who may otherwise be overlooked.



The Black Tech Alliance is a BIC-Partner.

This organization helps align HBCU students with Technology fields.

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