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The Mission of our BIC Village

This village seeks to highlight Black experiences, innovations in the field, Black culture, Black history as well as provide a platform for the discussion of social justice and its impact on the progression and development of Technology.


"Social Justice and The Black Experience in Technology".

BIC Village Talk Categories:

Call for papers for DEF CON 32 is here.

Technology in Social Justice : Discussing and highlighting how disparity and lack of equality negatively effect the progression of Cybersecurity and/or the greater technology field.

Black Experience In Cybersecurity / Technology : Describing or narrating a cultural experience that helped shape innovation, develop a curiosity or fuel a mission.

Cyber Innovations and Advancements : Presenting a specific advancement, innovation or invention that has been preformed by a Black practitioner or has aided the Black community.






For information on the BIC CTF navigate to the BIC CTF Page.

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