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The Speaker Development Program Application is located here.

The Speaker Development Program (SDP) will...


  • The program outline will consist of challenges, tasks , small projects, panels, seminars and talks to prepare the candidates for public speaking in the Cybersecurity space and qualify them for graduation from the program.

  • The program will consist of lessons, benchmarks and feedback from the collective program committee as well as the assigned mentor of the candidate.

    Program Mission Statement:

    In this initiative,  Blacks In Cybersecurity seeks to bring more Black participants to contribute to, experience and give back to the Cybersecurity community by preparing them with knowledge and skills.

Session length: 6 sessions of 90 minutes each.

Objectives and Tasks:


  • Discuss why give talks and where to give talks. 

  • Discuss purpose of talks Discuss the goals of each participant. Have cohort leaders talk about their journey giving talks. Set expectations and goals for cohort. 

  • Discuss picking a topic, all the different topics out there, researching your subject (which will be different for every type of topic and will be different depending on the length of the talk). 

  • Discuss writing a CFP, how to do it, what makes a good CFP and what makes a bad CFP. Assign the CFP due session III. CFPs due (leader will recruit 2-4 volunteers experienced in reviewing CFPs to read and provide feedback) 

  • Discuss writing a bio. Discuss part 1 of creating slides. 

  • Assign/Discuss/let students pick 5 minutes speech for session IV. (no slides needed, just to see how they present and how they talk to people, and give feedback). 

  • CFP feedback and 5 minute speeches (if possible, have volunteers who reviewed CFP listen to 5 minute speeches. If not, get other experienced speakers to listen) Discuss practicing and preparing for the presentation they will give. 

For more information and to get involved, please email BIC Communications or BIC Operations.