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Meet the team!

The 2023 BIC CTF @ DEF CON 31 is powered by BIC members across four participating organizations ( so far..) :


  • BIC HQ  CTF Development Team ( Headquarters)

  • The CTF Room​ ( BIC @ Kenya)

  • KC7 ( BIC @ DMV Metro)

  • Xcape Inc. ( BIC @ California)

The team has combined forces to create physical, virtual, wireless, emulated environment, crypto and OSINT challenges to showcase the talent of the International Black community and educate about the Black diaspora and our history and culture.


Each creator has cross-pollinated ideas and cultivated creations for each and every unique challenge and it would behoove you to get to know each one (especially your on-site operative)...

Register for the official contest here, from here you will be able to submit scores for all of the challenge types in our multiple challenge offerings: The On-Site Physical Challenge "Abandoned Server Room" in District #9, The "special" locks in District #3, The SOC Environment in District #2, Black History OSINT in the Library District #4 and the City Center District #1 Challenges to top off the array of different styles you can work through. May the best team win!


2023 BIC CTF Team Roster


Jones Baraza (Kenya)

TJ McClearin (USA) 

@Vyrus (?)

Geoff Heymann (Canada) 

Leron Gray (USA) 

Michaela Barnett (USA)

Travon Duncan (USA) 

Simeon Kakpovi (USA) 

Leo Pitt (USA)

Abzee Saminu (Nigeria) 

John Collins (Kenya)

Kelvin Njau (Kenya)

Chris Bryon (Kenya)

Chalie Wizz (Kenya)

Thank you to our anonymous "encrypted" creators as well!


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