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Welcome to the Bio CyberSecurity Committee

This committee is focused on building interest in Biocybersecurity/Cyberbiosecurity which essentially is where biosecurity, cybersecurity, and cyber-physical security intersect. From time to time, virtual discussion hours are planned to be held. These include matters such as important papers, rotating writing projects, and important events in the domain. If you are interested in joining, you are encouraged to reach out to BIC and join the corresponding discord. Look for announcements in official BIC social media for meeting times and opportunities. It is encouraged that participants make themselves familiar with literature on the field, as plenty discussions may highlight specific areas that require intermediate to advanced knowledge.

This committee is guided by Dr. Xavier-Lewis Palmer. He holds a PhD in Engineering, MS in Cybersecurity, MS In Biotechnology, BS Biology, and BA in Philosophy, in addition to numerous authorships publications across device fabrication characterization, and usage, tissue engineering, and security. In between work and research, he likes to mentor others, offer advice on projects, and participate in community bio initiatives to learn and further positive, community-building engagement. He enjoys group projects with a passion for biomedical technologies and their potential benefits for society, in addition to educating individuals to gain skills for the betterment of their community. “We must continue learning”, he believes.


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