Blacks In Cybersecurity, LLC. was founded late in June of 2018 and later became an LLC on January 30, 2019.


"What is Blacks In Cybersecurity, LLC. (BIC) ?"

Blacks In Cybersecurity, LLC. (BIC) is a premier conference series, meetup group, and social organization (community) spearheading the way to solving the disparity between the Black community and Cybersecurity knowledge and resources.

"What is the Blacks In Cybersecurity, LLC. (BIC) community and membership like ?"

Blacks In Cybersecurity, LLC (BIC) activity is based around our Headquarter locations in the Washington, DC. Metro area (BIC@HQ).


BIC has various “BIC@Location” groups to develop community and host location based (local) events tailored to the people who regularly attend.

BIC Prides itself in being the premier resource in solving the educational disparity of the Cybersecurity field and bringing resources, materials, and infrastructure to our communities.

* In 2020 there will be a paid membership portion of BIC that will allow us to put on more events, host a membership section of the site and more! *

"What is a BIC@Location group ?"

In our organization instead of “chapters” (which imply due-paying members) BIC has “locations”. 


The “@Location” notation for BIC has been used to represent locations/groups where events are hosted. 


This format makes it easier to move around when groups need to identify immediately where the group is located, differentiate between each group, and decide which best work for them.

"Why does Blacks In Cybersecurity, LLC. (BIC) use the word "Blacks"?


Blacks In Cybersecurity, LLC. utilizes the term “Blacks” as a term to identify ALL of the Black People of the Global African Diaspora and Africa as a whole.(“Black” in America is different from “Black in Europe” which is different from the many and proud cultures in continental Africa.) 


In identifying and serving all cultures, groups, languages, and locations of Black people worldwide, BIC strives to project a call to action to solve both local and global disparity of Cybersecurity literacy, education and occupational pipelining. 

"What are the official Blacks In Cybersecurity, LLC. (BIC) colors?"


Red, Black and Green


"What is the official Blacks In Cybersecurity, LLC. (BIC) slogan/ hashtag?


“Lit like BIC!” #LitLikeBIC

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