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Blacks In Cybersecurity welcomes support from the Cybersecurity and adjacent communities.


"Allyship" can be described as someone who understands why / is learning how to support an underrepresented or minority group. 

The Allyship Pledge

I pledge to listen and learn through out my experience to understand more today than I did yesterday.

I pledge to add value to BIC in my interaction with the organization and that my presence at BIC events is there to give back, and not take away the community by adopting the habit of inclusion in my daily practice.

I pledge to continue practicing my new habit by ensuring to the best of ability that I :


Include everyone in the conversation.

Try my best to provide a resource, connection and unconditional support to those who would value what I have to offer.

Strive to create a welcoming environment in my community and work place.


Encourage and help develop those with different backgrounds than mine.

Speak up when I see biased and inappropriate behavior.



If you have questions, comments or concerns related to Allyship with BIC, please reach out to one of our directors listed here.

The Allyship Patch/Sticker

Coming Soon.

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