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Winter Summit 2020 Archive

Winter Summit Schedule














*Tickets are on Eventbrite and available onsite for 25$*

Merchandise is available onsite:


Patches (Stick-on backing, "Binary X" Design and BIC Original Design)


Jackets (Black Bomber Jackets) & Hoodies ( "Binary X" Design ONLY) will be available in sizes:





XX- Large


Lodging/Hotel Information:

The Venue is across the street from this Hotel.


Holiday Inn Arlington at Ballston

Address: 4610 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22203

Phone: (703) 243-9800




Blue Team Class Materials:

Laptop with minimum 2gb of RAM

USB read/write access,

Network interface card for internet access

VirtualBox or VMware


This workshop, we will focus on three aspects of blue teaming. Participants will be introduced to incident response, cyber threat intelligence, and threat hunting.

The objective is to obtain insight into these pillars of blue teaming to help you better respond and ward off attacks.

The threat landscape is continuously evolving and so should our defenders. Lets learn techniques together and share more ideas of becoming better blue teamers!

Winter Summit 2020 Workshop (RSVP in "Event Registration")


Winter Summit 2020 Hiring Village

(Pre-RSVP Registration is full, onsite registration will be available. Pre-RSVP is automatic with Winter Summit ticket.)



Speaker Biographies

Michael Lassiter Jr. - "Entering & Progressing in CyberSecurity"


Bio: I am Michael Lassiter Jr and I am an adjunct professor for the University of Arizona within Applied Sciences. I hold a Doctorate of Theology from the Spirit of Truth Institute and a Master of Science in Information Assurance from National University. I have previously fulfilled roles across multiple domains of cybersecurity such as penetration testing, red teaming, incident response and risk assessment. I have also spoken on cybersecurity matters at prior conferences and has authored white papers which has garnered over 20K reads.


Fulfilled roles such as a Senior Penetration Tester, Incident Response Lead and Adjunct Professor. Built red team operations at the ground zero level and holds five degrees including a Master of Science in Information Assurance. Author of published white papers (Over 25k reads) and speaker at previous conferences.


Aisha Griggs - "KISS Password Simple" 


Bio: A licensed nurse and has received her BSc in Computer Networking, Cybersecurity with a focus in Digital Forensics, and MSc in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations is in progress at UMGC.  Debuting in 2020, her book CyberSecNurse: Til Sec Do Us Part will discuss various topics regarding implementing cybersecurity in healthcare from a healthcare worker’s perspective and experiences.

Leron Gray - "Your Wireless Devices are Snitches"


Bio: Ten year Navy veteran and former NSA operator with five years of offensive security experience. He's currently works on the Azure Red Team at Microsoft, loves winning all the CTFs, and enjoys writing things in Python and Pythonic languages.  


Abstract: In a world of growing technology, wireless devices are being more and more prevalent. Personal computing devices are a modern convenience that allows us to store personal data and access networks of information. However, convenience often comes at the cost of security. This talk will discuss how wireless technology can be used to gather information about the device for a variety of applications from targeting the user to performing forensics.


Jamaris Burns - "Introduction to eDiscovery" 


Abstract: Electronic discovery is unheard of to many technology experts yet, the buzz word in current, major legal cases. eDiscovery is the process of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information in response to a law suit or legal investigation. It encompasses digital forensics, data privacy, analytics, law and much more. This talk will give an overview of the field and its processes and technologies and why you should consider learning it!

Ochaun Marshall - "Hacking your way into security (Web Application DEMO)"


Bio: Ochaun (pronounced O-shawn) Marshall is a developer and security consultant with a background in computer science education and machine learning. In his current role at Secure Ideas, he works on ongoing development projects utilizing Amazon Web Services and breaks other people's web applications. He is passionate about secure cloud development and blasts Kendrick Lamar and Two Steps from Hell while hacking, blogging and coding. 


As a penetration tester, you get to rob financial institutions, commit fraud and steal confidential data without going to jail. What does it take to become a penetration tester? The author argues that working like H.E.C. (Honestly , Efficiently, Completely) will aid aspiring hackers in gaining the technical and soft skills they need to be effective. This talk will also also feature a samuraiWTF, a virtual machine hat has been configured to function as a web pen-testing environment, and other useful resources.

Torrence Reed - "Securing Your Startup In a World of Quick and Instant"


Bio: As an IT Professional with over 17 years of corporate, small business and government experience as a Cloud Engineer, Infrastructure Architect and Software Engineer, I have utilized my skill sets and work experience to accelerate and advance various startups including HBCU Wall Street, Noirbnb, Freeman Capital and Zoom Technologies. The work I have done to educate others on the convergence of corporate experiences and their startup has been featured in local and national news outlets such as NBC Blk (Black), Blavity, Black Enterprise, Washington Post and American Banker. This pursuit has also afforded me opportunities to speak at conferences for major organizations, such as United Negro College Fund, The Perkins Leadership Training Institute, The Harbor Institute and many institutions of higher education including Howard University, the University of Wisconsin, and Hampton University. My passion to introduce others to the overlap of their corporate experience and the startup world has allowed me to be named 2018 Ciroc Young Influencer of The Year Honoree, 2018 Black Enterprise Modern Man and a 2017 Washington, DC The Made Man (TMM) Honoree.

Les McCollum - Cyber Experience Forum 

Bio: N/A

Tyrone Wilson - "Cybersecurity Walk -Through" 


Bio: Mr. Tyrone E. Wilson is an information security professional with over 20 years of experience in information technology and systems configuration, including information systems and network security. Wilson also has extensive knowledge in computer network defense, vulnerability assessments, cyber threat analysis, and incident response. Wilson is also the organizer of a 7,000+ person Information Security meetup group called The D.C. Cybersecurity Professionals. Wilson is also on the Review Board of BSides NoVA and has recently presented and/or taught classes at major conferences and events such as BSidesNoVA 2019, BSides DC 2018, ISACA-GWDC Cybersecurity & Risk Conference, ISSA Mid Atlantic Security Conference, BSides NoVA 2017, BSides DC 2017, and DCCyberWeek 2017.


Abstract: This talk designed for beginners and covers the fundamentals of cybersecurity. We start with the basics of common computer and network services and end with exploitation and an understanding of attack methodologies and strategies to defend against them. We will also focus on ways to build a home lab along with challenges and educational references to improve your skillset.



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